Non-refundable 50% deposit due at time of booking. Prices subject to Missouri Sales tax. Tips for guides are not included in prices. Prices subject to change

We offer a one day/ one hog hunt, you may take a second hog for $250​, this hog must be taken by the same hunter. We require groups of 3 hunters or more per hog  hunt. This is a semi-guided hunt and it up to you to clean and skin your hog. We provide a skinning area for your convienance or you can take it to your processor. We also have nightly lodging available for an additional fee. The hogs range in size from 50-300 pounds. This is not a guaranteed hunt, however, you will have an opportunity for a shot. We will assist in retrieving a wounded hog but please remember that Any wounded game is considered a kill. We hunt over feeders, spot and stalk or we can bay'em up with dogs. This is a fun hunt for all to enjoy. We hog hunt from December to  April.

120"-140"   $2500

140"-160"   $4500

160"-180"   $6500

180"-200"   $8500

200"-210"   $9900

210" to 450"  Call for prices

​All scores are based on SCI scoring system



Our all-inclusive whitetail hunting package includes 3 days of guided hunting, 3 meals a day, lodging and your hunting license. We will field dress, cape and score your trophy. We can also provide a taxidermist and meat processing.

​Hill Creek Ranch ​is a high fenced property offering fair chase hunts in a private reserve setting. We offer Whitetail Deer and Hog Hunts. You may hunt with the weapon of your choice (bow, crossbow, muzzle loader, pistol or rifle) and your hunting license is included. A Hunter ID card is required if born after 1-1-67. We hunt from blinds over feeders and spot and stalk. There are NO HIDDEN FEES!! 

Book your hunt today!!! Call or text Mike at (417) 354-4600